4 impressive questions you should ask at the very beginning of a job interview

3 Oct

When hiring employees for your coffee business, it is important to select persons that will be able to contribute to your success. In reality, you will be dependent upon your employees to generate the profits you want, and to provide you with the freedom of time to enjoy your life.

Interview job

To become successful, you need to strive to hire reasonably mature, intelligent, dynamic, energetic people, who possess a positive attitude. You can always teach someone how to complete all the tasks and assignments, but it is next to impossible to teach them how to have a strong work ethic or a good personality!

The way you conduct your job interview can be a big factor on whether you’ll hire a good employee or not. In reality they can tell you a lot about a person. If they couldn’t show up on time for their first interview, and they were not prepared enough to bring a pen to fill out an application, will they show up on time and be prepared to work each day if you hire them?

The primary purpose of this interview is to meet each person face to face. How is their appearance, and cleanliness? Did you find the person to be articulate?

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